Justice of Maat: Truth is coming out no matter what they do

Maat is the Goddess of Justice and Truth and it seems she is very active lately, spreading her wings wide open and leaving no stones unturned.

In the last few months especially since the Coronavirus situation with the quarantines and lock-downs, exposures and disclosures of hidden Truth are appearing like never before. This is going to be a compilation of all the significant recent breakthroughs and revelations that help the planetary liberation. One can see that a cascade effect has been set off with unstoppable consequences:

1) First of all in April the amazing “Out Of Shadows” documentary came out on YouTube, lifting the mask from the mainstream media, Hollywood and child abuse:

It is an excellent documentary, hitting 9 million views just in a few days, currently seen by 12 million people and even though YouTube is trying to censor it and hide it, people are uploading it everywhere. Never before has such a documentary revealing the Cabal’s deeds reached so many people so fast.

2) Celebrities and politicians who allegedly got the Coronavirus are actually being/ have been arrested and are now either in specific undisclosed prisons or in house arrest. Now, this is a very interesting turn of events which as of now is not yet 100%-ly proven (!), yet taking all the signs into consideration, it is very possible. These are of course people who have been supporting the dark forces or the Cabal or/and had participated in child abuse or crimes against humanity. The list is long including : Madonna, Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneres and many more…..

It is very much probable according to many sources that being covid19 positive is actually the disguise story for these people and it actually means they have been arrested. The signs reinforcing this are the strange photos and videos these celebrities have been sharing with the world ever since they are home-quarantined, these include:

looking utterly weary and shaken even though they claim to be fine / sharing weird photos with occult messages related to covid19 or illuminati symbolism / the background of their house on the photo resembling more a prison than a rich celebrity house / for a few seconds a noticeable ankle monitor on some of their ankles.

We’ll see what’s the reality behind this soon.


3) 5G is finally being recognized as something that harms the immune system and many articles are proving the connection between mass Coronavirus cases and 5G towers:

Is the Coronavirus linked to China’s Rollout of 5G and Biowarfare?

Wide awareness with riots, petitions, videos and articles coming out every week against 5G

4) Nurses are blowing the whistle about what’s really going in covid19 hospitals: already two videos went viral from 2 brave nurses who speak of the injustice and craziness that is going on within the medical industry.

The first one is Nicole Sirotek, a nurse from New York disclosing how patients are being misdiagnosed and mistreated and as a consequence many of them die unnecessarily:

The second one again a genuine nurse from the UK, Kate Shemirani proves that Coronavirus tests are having in the majority of the cases fake results:

4) dr Rashid Buttar, a respected doctor with many years of medical history began speaking up (among many other doctors) about the real agenda of this Coronavirus situation: to crash the economy, to invoke such widespread fear that people remain in a state of constant doubt and sense of weakness, to vaccinate us with a very dangerous vaccine and in general to gain total control over humanity. He has been exposing in detail the lengthy vicious plans of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci who are the two main promoters of this genocide agenda:

5) David Icke also gave a huge revelatory  interview about the Coronavirus agenda and 5G which got him completely censored so his video is available only on bitchute and similar sites:


6) The knowledge of Adrenochrome is also being slowly leaked into mainstream media as a highly addictive drug that is extracted from children

7) African countries are kicking out the WHO (World Health Organization) after realizing how its covid19 tests are coming back positive even if they make the tests with fruits or animals:


The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina has called on all African Nations to quit the World Health Organization (WHO)

8) Judy Mikovits, a former researcher who worked together with Anthony Fauci disclosed the corruption of dr Anthony Fauci with HIV in the past and also with the current Coronavirus situation. She was threatened, she was actually prosecuted and imprisoned unfairly for speaking up against dr Anthony Fauci and now her documentary “The Plandemic” is being deleted and censored, but on bitchute you can still watch it. Her interviews are revelatory and she shares in detail about the frauds and crimes of Anthony Fauci that have been going on with HIV and Covid vaccinations:



9) A very brave Congresswoman of Italy, Sara Cunial spoke up publicly in the parliament about Bill Gates, the traitorous goals of his agenda, money laundering of the WHO and 5G:

These are bitter and uncomfortable things to face, but we need to do it to move on to more beautiful things towards real freedom.


Everything is vibration and frequency so in these times it is very important that we meditate a lot, anchoring and receiving consciously the Higher Cosmic Energies that are flooding the planet in order to maintain a frequency of  Love and Light, no matter the outer reality.


In conclusion awareness, consciousness and desire to know the Truth has increased on a planetary level to such a degree, so many people are asking so many questions, so many people seeing through all these vaccination facades and manipulations, that in the end nothing will stop us and nothing will stop the Truth!


Victory Of Justice!

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