The Violet Waves

I would like to present my new project that I have just finished:
The Violet Waves book!

This is a Poem Book full of inspirational and motivational poems born out of moments of heightened alignment with the cosmic love frequencies.

Losing oneself in the love of another. Finding oneself in a passion, in a synchronistic word, in a bright color. Grasping the creative manifestation power’s potency. Connecting, aligning and opening up to all eternity’s energy.

These are the themes one taps into when entering this book.

Poems are verses that transport us into the invisible. They are songs that rhyme with our hearts and the result is a sensory delight. The untouchable that touches us.

My intention with this Poem Book was to inspire in you vibrant states of consciousness: free dreaming, expansion, feeling abundant, creating one’s path and most of all the splendid sensation of being aligned with the cosmic resonance.

Here there are no questions and there are no answers… there is only attuning to, connecting and experiencing beauty’s synchronistic wonder. Enjoy!

If you’d like to take a look and purchase the book, you can do it at the following links:
(I recommend the PDF version because of the beautiful images accompanying the poems)

PDF Version from me (2.99$) :

eBook Version from me (2.99$) :

Paperback (14.80$) :

Amazon link (2.99$) :

Much Love!