Your Divine Mission

The source of this information is the book Aurora 2012
Your Divine Mission

Each of you has a Divine mission on this world, which can
not be done by anybody else. Each of Star Beings has a dream
about Heaven on Earth, which we will now manifest into reality.
Greetings, dear Angels of Light. This is the Ashtar
Command. We shall speak about one of the most important
things in the world which will become even more important as
you grow; it is your divine mission. Mostly all of you, who are
reading this, are Star Beings. Most of you feel that you are on
this planet with a certain mission. All of you have some kind of
ideal, some dreams. Manifesting your dreams is a part of your
Divine mission, because one of the reasons why there are so
many STAR PEOPLE on Earth is to create Heavenly world in
matter, so Heaven and Earth can come together and merge in
one. By nurturing your dreams and doing everything what is in
your power to manifest them, you are actually carrying out your
Divine mission. You always receive instructions for your next
step, from your inner voice. 
Inner voice is always speaking to
you, if you calm down and you are willing to listen to it. And then
act accordingly. Many of you wish to know what is your mission
that is intended for you, because you feel you are not doing
what you came here for. There is a reason for that and this is
that most of you can carry out the Divine missions only in new
spiral of evolution, in a world of Oneness. In a world of duality
you can not manifest Heaven on Earth. This is the reason why
many of your efforts in manifesting your ideals have not had
the desired results. Manifesting of your dreams is coming closer
and is on its way. Be patient and insist and trust. It will happen
when you will be centered in oneness enough. Some of you feel
caught in jobs, which you feel that are not aligned with your
higher purpose. Be aware that you have chosen them yourself.
One of the things that you can do is to bring more of a higher
purpose in work that you are doing for your survival. Other possibility is that you get engaged in activities which are more
aligned with that what you are, with your purpose.

It can be a hobby at the beginning, but this hobby will
most likely replace your former job. Currently there are many
changes and alignments on this area among STAR PEOPLE. Your
Divine mission is not only a certain activity; your purpose is
being what you are, being a Star Angel and spreading your
presence. And your presence is Love, Truth and Healing. And
when you do that there are many opportunities appearing, there
are new possibilities revealing themselves which will transform
your life beautifully. Just being is enough. Simply being, taking
your time to experience the beauty of your inner being and
spreading this beauty around. This is the most effective help
that you can offer to this planet which needs healing so much.

Victory of the Light!

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