Soul Versus Personality

Who are you?


You have to answer this question a million times, you have to describe and identify yourself and still the real answer eludes you.

If that, which is usually you changes, people tend to communicate that:
“Oh, you’ve changed!”
What is changed?

Why should it not change? Do you really think you should always change? Do you really think you should always remain the same?

You had countless personalities and countless phases in a lot of lifetimes. You changed these selves of yours as you change clothes.

You are not them, you are beyond them.

You are not your personality, or your “self” but your Soul which has a right to act or change as it wills.


Your Soul is not rigid and solid. Not at all. It flows with the cosmic currents and the energies of this world.

Let it be as it is!

Do not analyze it!

Do not compare and judge it!

Let it be free!

You are that you are!!!!!!



…. and I love you for it.

Victory of the Light!

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