Once Again The Ships

Victory of the Light!

I had a dream once again with Galactic Confederation ships. This time I was on huge isolated fields of wheat with a small group. We were moving towards something but it was not specified exactly what, I just had a feeling that we were at the very last stage of the planetary process and we needed to reach something, we needed to reach a certain safe destination. I looked up to the sky and it was covered with deep white and gray-ish clouds. And then suddenly it happened.

At a certain spot on the sky the clouds spread out sideways and dissipated revealing dozens of incoming Star Ships. It was not that much the vision of them, but the deep emotion these ships elicited that was the key of the whole dream. An enormously emotional deep yearning, a thunderous sensation of fulfillment and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, hope and support erupted in all of us. We were all in complete and utter awe as we gazed at them, some of us crying as our life-long dreams finally manifested and appeared in plain sight. I had the same indescribable sentiment that I had already described in January, the last time I saw the ships in my dream:


In this dream the ships looked like the ones on the photo at the beginning of this post, they were so bright that we could only see their rectangular shape, no other details.

My body sort of stored this sensation and I could recognize this time the same exact feeling.

It was like receiving an astonishingly beautiful gift of Cosmic Care: “Everything will be alright you are being guided, watched all the time and loved enormously by us all. Know that the cosmic forces of destiny are holding you in their hands to bring you to the treasured life of bliss that is meant for you. You are in essence one of us and you shall be one of us soon”

And then a twist occurred. As soon as the Galactic Confederation ships landed, other negative ships appeared and landed as well. A fight of laser bolts flying all around us broke out in just a moment and what I remembered clearly is that both the positive and negative extraterrestrial members that emerged from the ships were 2 or 3 times faster than an average human being. So as our group tried to run to shelter, it seemed that the fighting parties were moving in fast motion. And because of this they were focusing on each others, so our group could (as much as I perceived it) escape from the way of the laser bolts. The last thing I remember is that I reach the proximity of a positive ship that landed and then I woke up.

As a last note and final conclusion I must mention that even though at the end of the dream we were caught in-between a fight of positive and negative extraterrestrial forces, it was not at all a disturbing dream, not even at the end. I perceived the battle as a surprise and as a rush of adrenaline but at the same time I could completely feel the supportive presence of our Star Brothers and Sisters fighting for us, protecting us and making sure that we are liberated. They are making the constant effort of pushing the planetary liberation and in the dream it was clear that they are willing to get into very dangerous situations in order to help us.

So the message of the dream for me was once again as before: a warm reassurance and encouragement that they are close by 🙂


  1. I appreciate your encouragement and the message I have been receiving is this overwhelmingly beautiful image of a handshake where the family of dark leaders become in harmonious collaboration with the family of light and this is the surprise ending, not being rescued off the planet.


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