One of the most important and transformative realizations within our consciousness is that we are pure beings, immaculate, Light.

This is our actual identity beneath all the layers of society, personality, emotions and thoughts.

This is who we are.

And in the precious moments when we come in contact with this knowledge, we access a quantum leap and we go through tremendous healing. This is that kind of a quantum healing that happens spontaneously and is an active self forgiveness based on a true, awe-inspiring understanding. This understanding is that whenever we made mistakes in our lives, whenever we made wrong decisions and hurt ourselves or others, we were not in contact with who we truly are in the deeper sense of the word, that is: pureness.

Consequently it was not really us who committed these acts, it was simply a reaction of a false identity that we felt we need to become in order to cope with a situation.

In alignment and conscious connection with our own true inner presence, we would have not made such actions, but actions that served our highest good.

This is not an excuse for past misdeeds or a tricky way of saying that we are not responsible for our own actions, past or present, unconscious or conscious. This is to say that we don’t have feel bad about ourselves, blame ourselves and hold the energy of these past deeds because they were never truly in contact with what we are. These were never truly part of us, and they never truly affected or changed our core self: the pureness of our Soul.

This is only to help in our minds, emotional body and consciousness reassess who we are, and who we are not. All we have to do is connect in our own way to who we are, our essence: the pureness – and suddenly all these games fall away as they never had touched the gem of our being. We have all experienced magnificent moments of joy, love and self-realization when we felt that everything was love and we even saw the colors and the world brighter. That was the proof that we truly are amazing beings of Light and in those moments all we did was realize and experience this fact.

That at the very heart of our being we are simply Pureness…


and Wonder.

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