The Ocean of Love book is out!

During the very first Cobra conference in Budapest I went through a deep inner awakening and I received the inspiration and message from within (mainly from the Pleiadians) to write a novel in which I share the resurfacing memories and inner insights in the form of a story. I gained these visions during my awakening and also during the Budapest conference.

This story is about a hero, the archetype of the hero who has a mission, and that mission is more important than anything else in his life. This hero lives in all of us, sometimes forgotten, other times coming more to the surface. If we lived this hero in every moment of the day, our lives would become the most epic adventure of the Universe.

Writing the book was also the biggest transformative process of my life, but I also felt its main purpose was to help spread the light of truth and further awaken people to the true cosmic reality, Earth quarantine, and the entire matrix. This can be an ideal book for those who had only just tasted spirituality so far, but didn’t go deep enough to awaken to the more breathtaking details.

The book is titled “Ocean of Love” and carries a strong emotional charge.

Short description of the book:

Lenos lives his peaceful life in the Eden-like world of a little planet called Holon.
One day an urgent request for help arrives from a remote corner of the Galaxy; planet Earth.

Lenos makes the decision to leave his heavenly life and embark upon a daring journey to assist planet Earth, which has become trapped in a cosmic anomaly. Throughout his varied incarnations on Earth,spread out over time and history, Lenos must come to understand and complete his galactic mission.

His struggles, romances and adventures on Earth will culminate in an event that will affect the destiny of the entire Universe.

I present the missions of different lives, from different perspectives of the unique incarnations of the protagonist. We travel throughout human history all the way up to the present and even to the future when the Liberation of the planet happens.

Join Athos in restoring the Goddess culture in ancient Crete. Cross the Persian desert in search of treasures with Zoram. Help Vittoria fight the black nobility families of Venice. Break into secret underground facilities of Japan with Hikari. And accompany Lucas as he tries to shatter the Earth matrix forever with his twin flame.

The book is decorated with a wide range of beautiful images and at the end there is a collection of meditations and spiritual techniques.

If you resonate with all this and would like to purchase the “Ocean Of Love”, you can do so at the following platforms:

Buying The Ocean Of Love

eBook – directly from me (2.99$) :

PDF file – directly from me (2.99$) :

eBook from Amazon (2.99$):


Paperback at Amazon (4.80$) :

Paperback at Lulu (12.99$) :

+ Also available on Apple Books, Kobo and Barnes & Noble stores.


  1. I did read the book a few days Cobra post it in his web, and … so so so many tears from my eyes! I saw myself wondering the ocean of love and time and lives and the most important, fullfilling the great mission with your loved one, with your twinflame… that made me feel so … I miss her… and Im sarting to cry now… Thank you and a trully amazing biography!!!


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