Goddess Wants Peace in the Middle East and Peace it shall be!

Let me share a beautiful vision during one of my peace meditations for the Middle East:


At one point I started seeing a beautiful gigantic blue-skinned Goddess figure and two priestesses by her sides. The priestesses held her arms from the two sides as a way of grounding and supporting her. She had her eyes closed and was smiling then did a movement that looked both like sitting down or descending slowly. As she did that, abundant water started to flow from her hair all the way down to her toes. This water became sparkly and shiny around her belly area and then dripped down onto the Middle East (as they were floating above the Middle East) to cleanse and heal it. It was a marvelous scene as the shimmering water spread and filled the whole Middle Eastern area with high vibrational cosmic love.
And I really wanted to stay in this scene forever.

It is vital that we continue this meditation for the Middle East as the Syrian pentagram ley lines hold the biggest key for the liberation of the Light Grid:


With our mass meditations and focused intent we influence and change the quantum field and all potentialities and scenarios in the world manifest from the quantum field. We have much more power than we think. So let’s do this 🙂

Everyone who joins these meditations can feel the pure, breathtaking cosmic frequencies we tap into and help anchoring forever into our world.

Goddess wants Peace and Peace it shall be!

One comment

  1. We meditate and we continue to meditate. And, of course, my best wishes to the world military community to make an early decision to stop these madmen. Helos, Thank you for the information provided. The light of Victory is always with us!


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