The Financial Reset

On this planet everything and everybody has something to do with money, because life has been organized like that by intent, everybody has to fight for survival. Already now there are many technologies available that would allow all of humanity to live in abundance without the artificial construct of lack-consciousness. Up to now money has been used as an instrument to control and not as a tool to exchange energy. It gets presented to the masses as if it would be a tool for exchange, in truth it is used for sustaining the old power structures over the masses.

The Event is a financial new beginning and now we are in the Pre-Event phase. What is happening right now within the financial system is the creation of an alternative reality through the Eastern Alliance/BRICS states. As you can see this has permeated to the news of the mass media. The BRICS states have created the Development Bank. The rate for gold exchange has been redefined, it now gets determined from Shanghai also and not only from London. This means that the Eastern Alliance determines the gold price as well. Throughout history, the financial system was always gold backed and only in the last century this was different. During the Reset the gold backing of the financial system will get reintroduced again. At the moment, the new infrastructure is growing steadily : the light forces and the Eastern Alliance have created the Development Bank, the new gold exchange rate, and different alternative paying systems. This has been accomplished especially through China and Russia.

Everything happens step by step and gets prepared for the moment of the Event, so that the global financial system can be shut down. The institutions of the old system have been created by the cabal and are working only for them: Worldbank, IWF, FED, Swift. Nearly all of the money goes to them through a branched self-contained computer network. Only the Resistance Movement has special access to that system : in July 2012 they created a specific virus which can be activated at any time, so it will destroy the complete computer network of the old financial system. As the virus gets constantly updated to the cabal financial computer system, it can be activated at any moment. When the button gets pressed nothing will work in the financial system : no money will come out of the machines, no credit cards can be used, no stock market… Everybody will be excluded from access to all of that at the time of the Event. The purpose of that is to cut off the cabal from their access to the money of the world. This is a major part of the Reset. All debts will get deleted (except some debts between private people -after approval). Most of the debts are illegally created, they have their origin in the abusive money system of the cabal.

Who owes money to whom ? For example: Greece is in debt to the European Central Bank (ECB). Behind the ECB are the Jesuits and behind the Jesuits are the Chimera who use it for the Secret Space Program (SSP). Everywhere else the way with the debts is the same. This will change physically at the day of the Reset.

Example of how the abusive cabal-money-system creates money out of nothing : when we want to buy a house we go to the bank, we borrow the money, we make a contract. It only takes a few minutes on a computer to write this, and 200.000 Euro are “created” out of nowhere. The home bank never sees any of the physical money described in that contract and we now work 20-30 years of slave work to pay that “money” back. This slave work is made of OUR life energy, a “9 to 5” job. A huge amount of that money already gets diverted to the SSP (secret space program) automatically and through “credit” even more. Taxes and insurances go all to the SSP. We would also not get it for the retirement, it just vanishes. With the Reset this game stops completely. The central banks will be unable to go on as usual. Now it just takes time to built the new system through the BRICS countries and the light forces.

At the Event the banks will be closed up to 2 weeks. It is good to have some cash money. Silver or gold is the best for this time period. We are prepared to possibly have some kind of human chaos and we are working already to reduce those probabilities to a minimum. Financially and technically everything is going to be fine. The unpredictable thing here is the human psychological factor. Shops which will still be open will accept cash money and shortly afterwards only gold and silver, when confidence in money is destroyed. Exchange of goods will happen, and neighbors helping each other. Mass arrests will very quickly follow the Reset (or happen at the same time) and the light forces will go to the media and tell the masses what is happening. Parts of disclosure will get released and massive processes of de-programming will start.

Electricity, water supply, gas and food supply are absolutely fundamental to stay functioning.
The media have the task to make sure those systems will go on working, that the people working in these areas keep doing their work. This is just a transition. During that phase the new system gets introduced. Uncertainties can rise understandably, fortunately they are of short duration, because the new financial system has the impact to raise the frequency of the masses quite fast and this has an unimaginably big positive effect. The frequency then rises in such a way that no money is needed anymore in the near future. The masses have a certain way to reach the consciousness for a moneyless society. WE have that consciousness already now. For most of humanity it is a process of growth, so they just need a bit time and guidance after the Event to also reach that point. The new technologies, released after the Event, are of great help during that process. They will get released one after the other. Up to now people on earth related so much to their jobs and daily work, so they have been programmed to view hard work as the living basis, they think they have to do something to be able to be alive and if they stop working very hard they think they do not have right to exist. An important thing for them here is to realize, that we are divine beings, without limitations of physical borders. The new technologies will help to manifest this new awareness and new way of understanding life. So that all humans understand, that the basis of life is their eternal spark instead of hard physical everyday work. Food, clothing and a roof over the head then is something self-evident, for everybody -without questioning. A huge creative potential is set free through this change, as occupation of humans through money has gone. A new kind of exchange will come to the surface after a short period of money exchange within the new money system, which is gold-backed. The special drawing rights (SDR) are used as currency basket to create the new single currency. This financial unity includes everyone on earth. The new financial system is only a tool for the transition into the money-less society and the light forces are guardians of that process. They will stop anybody who will try to interfere.

After 1-2 weeks, when the banks reopen, access to money will be working again. Those banks who worked together with the cabal are then bankrupt. If our money was in such a bank, we will get a compensation out of the collateral accounts. Within multinational corporations, restructuring will be taking place. Monsanto will have been gone, corporations like Microsoft, for example, will be treated like this : some parts will remain and be restructured, other parts will be removed, and the same will happen with all those corporations in all areas of life. Fabrics will be given back to the local areas they belong to. The stock market will be closed completely and definitely. The stock shares will be given back to people. Monopoly game over, no bonds, no derivatives, everything deleted. The new financial system has its basis on true values without speculations.

Background of collateral accounts : The collateral accounts have been created by the royal bloodline families after the first world war as a global financial system to hold their wealth together. Officially they announced noble reasons for taking the gold, in truth it was stolen. During the 30s all gold was taken from the citizens of USA through the collateral accounts. In Asia the cabal stole the gold from Japan during the second world war. After that, together with the Nazi gold, it has been brought to the Jesuits into the Vatican. As it was not secure in that place, the gold has been brought back to Asia, where it was hidden in Malaysia and the Philippines. A part of the gold was used for the SSP and for creating the underground bases of the cabal.

Dick Cheney has stolen all the money to invest it into the Mars corporation (managed by him) : the Mars bases and Mars colonies.

Most of the gold which was in Asia has been taken care of by the Resistance Movement 3 years ago, it has been brought to undisclosed locations below the surface of the planet. After the Event everyone on earth will receive a part of that gold in different ways, also for example through the new infrastructure, new technologies, free energy and through purifying of the environment.
First and foremost the money will be used for ending poverty worldwide immediately. First the poorest on this planet will be taken care of, so their basic needs will be covered. It will be prevented and forbidden for anyone who is not authorized to touch that money. If someone would only try to do that, he/she would be removed from the planet immediately, without questions asked.

The St Germain Trust has been founded by St Germain, an ascended master who was incarnated in the 18th century. During this appearance he has gathered a huge amount of wealth until he “disappeared” out of the surface of this planet. His money has been deported in a certain way into a bank and through interest rates it has grown to 10 trillion (10^12) Dollar. This money is meant for the light workers and it will be used by them to create healing centers and other projects of the light, so those beings can fully follow their missions to serve for the well-being of all of humanity.

The Phases Of The Reset :

The old financial system is breaking down in this very moment. One of the reasons for that is the psychological factor, as people lose their confidence in the money system. Also a physical factor is involved : the old system is a closed self-contained system. If we use the simple second law of thermodynamics, the old system has to crumble down when a certain number of mistakes is reached. As this old system does not allow to be improved or filled with positive energy and ideas, it sets itself for failure -sooner or later. The mistakes that it gathers everyday without allowing to receive “healthy updates” and corrections, those mistakes multiply trillion-fold everyday. This means that it is physically impossible for the old system to go on to exist much longer. As sure as the sun rises and as sure as the sun goes down, the old financial system will destroy itself.

What is the true value of a 50 Euro note ? About 11 Cent. If the ECB goes bankrupt tomorrow, the lack of confidence in money will be evident immediately. People will understand suddenly the principle that knowledge and information is power. If enough people understand that already now, the system breaks down sooner. The people who work inside the financial system are brainwashed through their study, through programming and through their jobs there. As soon as they understand, how the Rothschild system, the collateral accounts, the SSP and the trusts are functioning, they will no longer support them. Things like that happened many times in history, for example the hyper-inflation in Germany in 1929. A global hyper-inflation could arise if the system would break down. Maybe there is no time left for that process and the change will come sooner. It is also possible that tomorrow it gets announced that all banks are closed – anyway, it WILL happen, one way or the other.

The Event itself is unavoidable !!!!!

Nobody knows the day, yet this day comes nearer with big steps, everyday. If everything is prepared well and in a comprehensive way, the transition phase can be more harmonious.

Our personal financial situations are based on our programs and mainly on the conditioning through the impacts the financial system has on us. It is a program of the Matrix. From birth on, during the time of school and later in work, money always plays a major role in our lives. Most people on planet Earth experience a constant lack of money. They have problems with paying the rent for their living apartments/houses and with supply of the basic needs. Everybody is working and working and working and has to go to the bank anyway to borrow some money. And then they work again to pay that money back and the interest rates also. So the banking system uses this process to create slave work.

We have the power to step out of that process and it starts with an energetic shift. First of all we understand now, that the people who made the old system, have been using occult knowledge. We use our higher spiritual wisdom to create cracks in the Matrix : as soon as we make ourselves invisible to the system, those cracks are being made. People who maintain the dark system use the collective unconsciousness to steer things that are invisible, they control in that way. They key of financial freedom is to go inside of “spaces in between”, to go into the cracks in the Matrix, into the non-visible realms. One possibility to become invisible for the system is to use only cash money. The system is less able “to see” cash money than electronic money. If we use credit cards or bank cards the system can detect all our actions. When we take the money out of the account, no one knows what we do with it. It is good to take all money out of the bank now and transform it into gold and silver or any other real material value, or to realize a dream, invest it into projects for the good of all humanity. It is even better to make it circulate into good things than keeping it as cash or gold and silver. Through actions like this the flow of the collective money energy improves already, because the invested money gets a higher frequency, already now.

In Cyprus the money was stolen from all people through the banks. If you want to prevent yourself from experiencing personally this possible scenario, take your money out of the bank. Before the Event, situations like this are very likely. And it is of vital importance that you take your money out of the stock market, immediately. I have proven it myself several times, that equities are traded, controlled and personally bound. The stock price gets personalized and people have been treated as cattle, here as well. Stock prices for investors, that do not work together with the cabal, are manipulated to make them go bankrupt. This happens also to private people. So the key is, to get invisible financially. It’s interesting that on one side, beings of the light who really have good intentions and who work for the liberation of the planet with very positive projects, often, most of the time, fail. The cabal is manipulating it like that. On the other side, the whole process gets sped up with that as well : decades ago already, people with great inspirations have been suppressed and blocked or removed and as sad as it is, the system breaks down faster through that, because if every being of the light is in debt, there is no new energy feeding the system, so the old system has to die of stagnation. So no matter which choice the Cabal makes, their system is bound to fail. And broadly spoken, we are heeding with high speed into a money-less society anyway. How we treat physical values now is of immense impact for our positive future.

The cabal controls all progressive technologies and this creates a block in development. The only solution is the Event, the Breakthrough. Even “normal” people begin to understand that something is not working correctly on this planet, for example in the field of computer technology. This awakening is unstoppable, as it gets more obvious day by day, hour by hour. And we can purposefully speed up that awakening.

In the physical, in the 3rd dimension, the flow of light is slow, so patience is useful. The Rothschilds began with their plans in the 18th century and what we experience today is the result of their plans. They knew that their great-great-great-sons would experience the global financial system. They had visions and perseverance and the only reason why they could succeed with their cruel plans is, because the collective allowed it to happen, because people did not say “no” in mass.
Now the time has come to say “no”. We need a long term strategy instead of a short term strategy. Our decisions have the ability to be more powerful than those of the Rothshilds. With patience and perseverance we manifest our visions second by second. The results are getting visible, globally. There are reports in newspapers and TV about the successes of the Eastern Alliance. St Germain is, in truth, the one who has initiated the new financial system and he is THE light force behind the Eastern Alliance. To connect with him helps to speed up the liberation ! Another powerful tool is the written word. It is important how we share truth codes and which ones, such as information (=consciousness=light) in the internet on our blogs and all those networks. The more the truth gets spread, the more people awaken and the faster the changes happen.

Behind the scenes there are things happening showing that the economic situation is stronger than the political game. Countries get forced to work together with the Eastern Alliance. So connections with Russia and China follow soon. There will be a restructuring at the Event, yes. Yet, in the long term, nationalities are getting less and less important. The consciousness changes drastically when people see sightings of lightships, it triggers a realization of the galactic nature of the planet and of existence in general, and therefore national states and borders become meaningless and uninteresting.

Victory of the Light!


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