One Key to Happiness

One key to happiness inside the matrix is to bring things through your Heart Portal that are outside of the matrix, that originate from a higher dimension. Your heart is simply a portal that you can create with, it centers your entire energy field and whatever input you place into your heart portal, it will externalize and come out as your thoughts, emotions and subsequently, life experiences and finally, life circumstances.

But as it is also a portal to the 5th dimension where your Soul resides. You can connect deeply within your heart and bring things from the 5th dimensional love realm into this reality. By things I mean: inspirations, visions, amazing innovative ideas, high vibrational paintings, technical inventions, music, stories, entire books or dances… anything.

This will manifest outward via your talents as your own personal divine blueprint. And it shall create tremendous joy in you. Because now that you have created something which is a reminder and anchor of your 5th dimensional Soul, whenever you connect to or get in touch with these blessed creations, you are in alignment with your amazing origin.

One technique to achieve this is sending our consciousness out into the Universe to see things from a much wider cosmic perspective and feel how much our little personal problems change or shift in this state.

– Walk up alone to a hill or mountain where other people’s energy fields are not interfering with yours and quietly look up to the skies. Focus upon your breathing and breath in and out the sky above. While you do that leave your everyday thoughts behind and now look up and connect to the outer, greater Universe and Reality. The higher Existence. Think and connect to all those million stars, moons, suns and inhabited planets and civilizations out there full of miracles and diverse worlds. Imagine all those different technologies and stellar races. Breath in and connect to everything that exist out there. The extraordinary experiences, the vividness and joy of life and the loving Light that holds it all together in Oneness. You can continue with eyes open or close them if that pulls you deeper into the experience.

You will be surprised to realize how far away you can get in your consciousness if you do this long and deep enough. Do this as long as it feels natural. Then allow the feelings and ideas that come through to naturally flow through your being. At many occasions the higher perspective ideas that you’ll receive in this exalted state can bring solutions to previous, seemingly unsolvable problems. And many times the positive feelings and thoughts that come through will urge you to initiate something or create something immediately. And these will be always something very special.

So the best approach of solving a problem which exists because of and inside the 3D matrix system is not plunging deep into the matrix structure, but bringing a higher perspective solution from above, from a higher state.

Once you start the creative process that was initiated by connecting to the outer Universe, many new possibilities pop up. And you just have to keep this inner connection, this knowingness in every mundane action and life will become more and more extraordinary with each new moment.

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