The Shedding of Patterns

Awakening in great length means actually the shedding of our patterns. Our structured, fixated and automatic patterns of behavior, feelings and mental reactions. These are the glue that holds the matrix society together. Our programs, our mental conditioning and our unconscious personality traits that are pure reactions to a world where we had to comply. All this, everything that had been systematically ingrained into us by society, is being transformed right now.

All our human patterns: learned behaviors of interacting with each other in a restrained way instead of allowing our raw, spontaneous energies to be expressed, repeating old automatic phrases of formality instead of saying what we really want, not daring to cross certain limits about touching because it is “not advised” and “it is strange” and letting society convince us that we have to know and solve absolutely everything in our minds instead of embracing the sweet, adventurous and exciting Unknown of existence. The Invisible. Only now, being awakened do we finally start to see that everything that really matters dwells within the realm of the Invisible.

More and more will we experience the falling away of old reactions to typical life situations. Habits that don’t bring us forward will disappear and new ways of living, doing things and interacting with each other shall rise.

The natural ebb and flow of the human spontaneity, our life force, the free human spirit is the antithesis of the controlled reality that we had experienced for millennia and it is breaking through now thanks to the drastic raising of the mass consciousness, the increased free information flow and the incoming sensational Galactic Energies that will provoke, reveal and purge EVERYTHING. This natural human recognition, being reborn and revitalized in us feels and knows deep down what is right, what is the path and it does not care about wise old books, ideologies with followers of millions or cultural fixations. It is ALIVE and thus will fight to remain vibrantly alive, joyful and free. It is that simple.

Because one key point will shift in the human psyche: it will no longer seem a better option to be a comfortable slave, than to be a free man with challenges.

The sacred symbol of the Kundalini is the archetype of the serpent because it entails various attributes that represent the Life Force in us. The snake’s motion is always winding and it is constantly undulating. It is never rigid or stuck. One could says it continuously dances on the ground while moving. This is our Life Force, it is always flowing, swaying, descending or ascending. Changing and adapting. And it always tries to overflow all closed spaces, because it is circular by its very nature.

Another attribute of the snake is that it regularly sheds its old skin. This is the sign of evolution and it represents the shedding of our own non-functional patterns. Let’s shed every old pattern that we feel we must have to abide by the world because at the end of the day it is actually just a norm or a rule that will not bring us closer to the life we want to live.

The future is not a time where control will be the supreme hand above us. The future is a time where your uniqueness and your individual Soul perspective will be respected and cherished. Oneness will be the main “law”.

With each pattern shee, we take one step on the stairs of awakening, getting one step closer to our divine Purity. There is only one path that will be completely aligned with your needs: your path. It cannot be known, accessed or understood by anyone else, just you. This is why following others will never lead to your Highest Path.

In the end, the vibrantly alive Human Spirit shall break through any conditioning and people will know this when they simply won’t be able to stop themselves. They will be on fire, expressing themselves, their raw innocent truths, their raw innocent creativity, their raw innocent energies and their raw innocent nature ceaselessly. They will not be satisfied with anything less than pure Justice and leaving the physical plane will not be something too scary that shall withhold them from this endeavor. And at this phase, nothing will be able to stop humanity.

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