Poems from The Violet Waves

Please enjoy some of the poems from The Violet Waves book:

Hushed tones whisper

Hushed tones whisper of a time, of a place

Transpiring rays cover a familiar looking face

Candlelight reveals a longingly-written note

Today it comes to pass what someone has dearly sought

The hand has decided to at last touch the ground

Prisms and other geometric jewels are to be found

Along the shores of our mornings and our daylight’s sun

A cosmic tune shall spring to cover us with its hum

Happenings conspire, stars merging inspire all to raise their glance

The incoming energy flow will not be held back by anything hence

The new, after millennia comes in, while everything old shatters

What’s happening up there is the sole thing that matters

All of the Stars

All of the stars, all of the planets up there

Are not worth as much as your abundant care

Crystalline geodes fly in cosmic mist

Just like I float when you touch me along the wrist

Whatever the case I have surrendered already

No turning back, life is now and it’s steady

Existing means sharing all that we are

And some, the daring will realize, how really Loved they are


Flying through blue-white stars

I sense your glowing azure presence

Distanced by space, time and the Universe

Doesn’t change, only delays our meeting’s chance

Energy fences will not hinder my voice

Illusions and separation shall not alter my choice

I am to be free, I am to fly along the stars’ line

With every inch I have I will resist all that is not mine

I grasp the fragments of my soul, of you

I allow close to my heart only what’s true

Systems and beliefs will not even near

A being devoted to what’s beautiful and clear

Once awakened the spark can never go out

It first whispers, then sings, then shout

This is the voice, that’s worth it all

This is the guide to our cosmic hall

Because memories of the stars cannot be wiped totally

Free consciousness changes evolution radically

The hearts will heal from relieved cries

And the shores of stars will glint in our eyes

Love is a cosmic pulling, it’s magnetic electricity

Everyone who countered it will experience now its capacity

It will strike all those standing in cosmic reunion’s way

And together we shall begin a new age, a new day

Spiral, spiral

Spiral, spiral rotate well

Feed your essence, expand and swell

Everything that comes through you

Is touched by oneness, gleaming hue

I stand there with you, in the center star

I am the witness, I witness all

Myriads of transfusion

Are born out of elation

And when the fusion had its vibe

The transmutation comes to life

Pulsating colors jolt and shake

Creation is now awake

Let’s create a world

Let’s create a world where foams flow in abundance

Let’s imagine a land where it’s impossible not to dance

Let’s fathom a place where kisses are always free

Let’s sing of people who, only with their heart, can see

Let’s forget forever that there ever was disharmony

Let’s remember when we were children, all innocent, carefree and silly

Let’s throw away this joke that some people pronounce as money

Let’s realize how much more invaluable it is when we are creative and funny

Let’s take off our garments and put on life’s offer

Let’s become colorful vagabonds and travelers with no coffer

Let’s see once again the miracle behind every daily act

Let’s believe that wonders and magic are not faith, but a fact

Let’s alter everything that does not serve anymore

Let’s ask the deep questions and see to the very core

Let’s accept the juice of life is something most sacred and healthy

Let’s live the vibrant life we were really meant to be

Love is a poem

Love is a poem, untethered by many

It comes with the slightest human impulse if any

Its weight is less than a butterfly’s wings

It’s not the reward of one who does, but of one who sings

Understanding air gives a lead to seekers

To try seeing something that appears only to believers

Love is such a thing, a most intangible design

Trusting the invisible’s call more than yourself, that’s the first cross line

Sacred answer lies beyond the slowly sealing lips

Love your body and trust nobody who hadn’t shared such bliss

Why would we ever stop when we know we are just right

Love is a poem, and thus a solemn hymn to every heart

The Gate of my Heart

The gate of my heart

Is a golden tree

To enter it fully

You have to be

Shining with value

And have a noble soul

The destined one here

Must have one goal

To grow and nurture

The love globe inside

And when leaving

Spreading it far and wide

Having bathed in the rays

Of such blazing sanctuary

You shall be rebirthed

With a whole new destiny

Gold and green colors

Shall decorate your skin

Deep elemental forces

Will you acquire within

To win


How many different aspects your love can show

How many new faces your Soul can know

How many different ways will I find you out there

How abundant and overflowing is the golden water you share?

How colorful and inviting your eyes can appear

How can I navigate in this world, when I cannot think, but only feel

How many circles and dances your silhouette will bear

How long am I able to drink this sphere’s music that I hear?

How ever grateful your being can be

I try opening my eyes but it’s only a heart I see

How will I ever get enough of you

How could I ever believe you’re true?

Be gentle with me

Be gentle with me

Like you caress a tree

Be humble, slightly shy

So that I can offer the sky

Touch my skin with care

Let your eyes remain there

Softness has no price

Try it on me thrice

Be yourself above all

Be a year without a fall

Be my here and be my far

Be my liquid love nectar


A forest, a tree, greenery

A natural shrine I have to be

Muses and spirits dance around

Each step is precious, each element round

Watery blueness refreshes the soul

The sunrays are blazing forever and more

The earth bed grounds us ceasing all worries

Beautiful wind whispers a million stories

In the middle of all, a colorful glade

Tranquility, peace, beauty and shade

The trees, the flowers like a golden chalice

Entering the wilderness, my diamond palace

I believe in Love

I believe In Love

No matter what

I am grateful that I can trust

My dreams’ bird to not turn into dust

I believe in Life

To catch me in its web

I lay down my head with confidence

On every new day’s colorfully patterned bed

I believe in Truth

To prevail in the end

I hold out always trustingly

For a helping hand

I believe in Light

To grant me divine sight

Whispering every night

What is truly right

I believe in Me

Because I am just like you

Pink of heart and green of eyes

With ephemeral hair shining blue

I believe in Joy

It is what we are

It’s the fuel and purpose

Of every single star

I believe in Beauty

I see it everywhere

I believe in the law of you:

To give, to love and dare!

The one who comes

And the one who comes, the one who sees

Will be accepted among the trees

Petals will follow the sounds of his soles

He shall be welcome among all fair souls

Branches of gold will bow out of the way

So that the sun can offer its ray

Azure drops shall fall to nourish his cheeks

Violet fires will manifest all that he seeks

Prosperous cornucopia will appear at his word

Wherever he is, the music of muses shall be heard

Lovers will approach him with elixirs to give

The one who comes will be a hero to live

You can purchase the book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0925ZBFYC

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