The Island of Palm Trees… A Dream Becoming My Life


Our Soul’s destiny and purpose is a mystery to be lived. Can you recognize the resurfacing, repetitive patterns and signs that lead you towards your path? Life itself, but also cosmic forces, elemental beings, Angels and many other forces take part in the play of our Fate.

I have been all my Life drawn to the Ocean, to the Sea, to a distant Island I could say. When I imagined my most fulfilling dreams I always saw a blue ocean with sunshine and Palm trees.

One can say that everyone or many people has these dreams, but who is willing to really make it True? Who is willing to not care about other people’s opinions, about society’s pressure and just Go?

This idyllic Island motive has reappeared countless times for me throughout the years, never leaving me to rest, always awakening some kind of yearning for a Dream. It appeared in series I liked, in books I have read, in dreams I have seen, in feelings I got when I listened to music, in visions I had during Loving moments.

And now this Dream of Palm trees and the Ocean has started to become something called my life. It is here. It is my Now.

I felt such a devotion towards the seemingly eternal Ocean that I wrote a book about it, titled: The Ocean of Love (this is the website of that book). Although the Ocean of Love in my novel also refers to the Galactic Wave of Light that is going to reach the planet to finally liberate it.

After writing the book where I expressed in a hundred different ways my affection to this Dream, I felt an unbelievably strong urge to take the next step, which is to actually search for this Island that I have sought all my life in the deepest part of my Heart.

And now this Dream became reality. I have traveled to an island. A mesmerizing island of green lush forests, azure blue ocean water and sunshine which warms the Hearts of the people.

It took me a month to recognize slowly how I just found what I have been looking for. This morning something woke me up at 5 and I could not sleep any further. I had to run out of the house and move joyfully in the parks and streets, then dance everywhere. I feel alive and grateful and blessed.

I am experiencing the Goddess energy rising inside me like never before. Can you feel it? Do you have spontaneous energy rises when you just want to merge with the whole Existence, creating a Cosmic Orgasm? I do. It is wonder itself. Thank you so much Goddess for caring about us, nurturing us and transmitting us gently the liberating Energy that is something no one can ever stop completely.


I would like to express my eternal admiration and gratitude for every Starseed, Angelic being and Being of Light who joined this dance of shaking up, awakening and freeing this planet. Please reader, join us in this ecstatic endeavor. I love you deeply!

Please if you are like me, and I know that in a way everyone is like me because everyone has a burning desire for a specific Dream life, then Take The Decisive Step, leave your old existence and just Jump Into the New!

Find your own little Island!

And live a life full of Love!

The Best life you can ever imagine!


Victory of the Light!

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