Supporting The Silver Trigger With The Goddess Energy

On the 10th and 11th of November we have organized a 2 day long workshop/ Sisterhood Of The Rose gathering in Southern France, Aveyron primarily to support the Silver Trigger and bringing abundance to humanity by anchoring more and more Goddess energy at the time of the Mercury transit.


The main members who participated were from the Occitanie Sisterhood Of The Rose group and we did technique after technique from 10 on the morning until 6 in the night to build up the energies for the final goal. The group was one of the most harmonious and loving I have ever experienced.


Our program included Higher Self invocations, Goddess meditations like Return of the Goddess, Goddess vortex, Sexual healing meditation, sacred and liberating dance techniques… but we utilized the Buddhic Column to purify the energies even more, we did the Flower of Life meditation and implant triangulation. It was really intense and fun! We even planted a Cintamani stone, created a Flower of Life out of leaves and flowers and practiced some Temple Priestess techniques.

At the second day, on the 11th the focus was really on the abundance manifestation and the Silver Trigger. We all bought our silver coins together deeply affirming our intentions to trigger the process of the financial reset. Then of course the climax was doing together the Silver Trigger meditation, where there were 16 of us. It was a wonderful 2 days, filled with transmutation, meditation, dance and with the constant, tender presence of the Goddess.


The final conclusion and message of our meeting: We support you Cobra, we follow the Goddess and we will hold on until the end.


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