A World of Synchronicity

We live in a world of mirroring and constant reflections of our own  synchronicity. We start to be in synchronicity with something as soon as we start thinking, feeling or acting out that specific thing. And when this happens an interaction begins immediately between us and the Universe, our being generating more and more reflections of that image and finally building it up until the point when it manifests in our existence.

When you take a step towards your Highest Purpose, a wave of concentric circles starts to take form and you will see reoccurring signs that lead you deeper and deeper towards the Goal. These are the cosmic guiding currents of the Light, because Light is information and Light is divine purpose.

Lately I have been experiencing an intensely increasing pattern of multiple synchronicites taking over my life. I take a step and I see the object of my purpose in 4 different ways reflecting back to me and reminding me. I read about it. A person starts talking exactly about that subject. I have a dream of it.

I feel deep inside that there will come a time when only such blissful easy moments will exist, when each act will have a unique symbolic meaning and significance and when Destiny will be all that will be.


Victory of the Light!

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