Healthy Food

                        Let’s put things into perspective and create a balance about this topic:

Healthy Food



The first thing I would like to state is that we have to approach this topic from the perspective of the current situation of the planet, which is a very extreme occult war between the Light forces and the dark forces. The Light forces are trying to liberate us while the dark forces are trying to enslave us and suppress us in every possible way. Food is of course also included in their suppression tactics as it is one of our basic necessities.

So let us very consciously understand the basic truth that food IS VERY IMPORTANT in our lives, it influences us in million ways: our mental, emotional and other states, our mood, our physical well-being etc.

It is NOT something we should just blindly do because it gives a few moments of enjoyment, then your stomach feels bad for half a day because you overloaded it. We should NOT just unconsciously fill ourselves with synthetic tastes that our tongue and belly feel desirable, but is full of unnatural ingredients.

The food you eat should be something natural, healthy, nutritious and delicious. As everything else in our lives, eating should become a very conscious act: choosing the diet, the meals that you will eat/ that your body needs, then eating slowly very consciously, focusing only on the food.




Of course we have a multitude of obstacles because of the dark forces, yet each of them has solutions if you are determined to live a healthy life:


Organic, healthy food is harder to get and it is quite expensive today

Solution: Yes it’s true, but from experience I can say that if you search for simple, healthy, quick recipes like veggie smoothies, oatmeal, rice meals etc. that you prepare at home, it can be even cheaper than fast food

– The dark forces/cabal is poisoning energetically and genetically
our food Solution: Before eating you should bless the food with the violet flame to purify it energetically and also stay away from GMO’s as much as it is possible; of course we can’t protect our body 100%-ly but still we have to fight for our health.

The Archon factor and toxins: most of the times we feel that our body wants certain types of foods (that we now aren’t healthy) and the yearning is so strong that we just can’t say no.

There are various reasons for that:

1) As Cobra stated when he talked about the Archons, they project obesity into us, it is NOT natural, here’s his quote: “Eating patterns / obesity. This program is induced by projecting images of a certain food that creates obesity, into the etheric brain.”

So of course we can’t really understand this completely, but basically they are artificially making us feel this, so if we very consciously understand that these yearnings don’t come from the true source then we can say NO!

2) Also because of the huge amount of toxins that are accumulated in the organs, most people have obsessive yearning for sweet/spicy foods or just simply feel the need to eat a lot.

There are very effective detoxification methods that solve these problems. By removing the huge amount of toxins your organs will rejuvenate and will work again normally.



The Spiritual Factor:

Now comes the most important part which is the energetic aspect. The basic truth is that the food you eat influences TO A GREAT DEGREE your vibrations!!!!! After a person reaches a certain high vibrational frequency a need will appear in him/her to eat healthy food, this is a fact! At this point this is not an outer expectation but an inner necessity. After you become conscious enough you will see and realize that filling yourself hurriedly with heavy, fat food is ugly and doesn’t serve you, doesn’t give you neither satisfaction nor fulfillment. It only brings you into a senseless state which people sometimes like, because it gives them the illusion that by not feeling, they escaped from their problems.
This rule also works the other way around, which is what happened with me: I started to eat healthy food, detox my body and then as my vibrations raised and I started to become more sensitive to the energies, I could awake to the Light, to the reality on this planet. If I had continued with eating huge amounts of unhealthy junk food, (because of that low vibe matter dragging me down, keeping me in my problems and negative patterns) I would not have been able to awaken.
As Lightworkers we have to stay in balance and do our missions. This is only possible if we constantly try to keep a high vibrational state of Love and Light, which can be achieved by inner work, meditation and HEALTHY FOOD.

The Animal Factor: Animals are treated in horrific ways in this planet, even though they are also sentient beings with SOULS! Most of the people don’t need meat to live, to be healthy, to exist and still people don’t care and out of pleasure they eat big chunks from the bodies of the animals. What is super strange for me is that people consider it normal to kill and eat certain animals without a blink of an eye, for example rabbits or chickens but when it comes to other animals like cats and dogs, it is considered crazy and unbelievable to eat them. What is the logic here???
So I think everyone should just make a very firm decision from the heart, from the Soul and think deeply about what you are doing with your body and with other beings, because it isn’t just about the animals. Because of the way animals are being treated and killed, that fear, trauma and negative energies of the animals are stored in the cellular body of the animals and by eating them you put that into you own body. Also, by doing what the sleeping/unconscious population does, by doing what the Cabal wants, by cooperating with the slaughter and consumption of the animals, you contribute to their dark system which is filled with dark sacrifices and other things we don’t even know of.

Drinking all day a lot of clean water is vital for your health. My experience is that by drinking minimum 2-3 liters of clean water I get a LOT of fresh energy and clarity of mind. Cobra also said that it helps to clear the negative plasma so it’s very important.  So it is of huge importance.

Remain healthy and fresh, don’t let the junk food drag your vibrations down and do your purpose with Love!


Victory Of The Light!

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