Manifesting With Each Breath You Take

Manifestation actually happens through your heart portal:

You can gradually come to see this connection and understand you don’t just breathe air. There’s a consciousness – observers tend to call it plasma – around you, what you naturally breathe in ‘with air’ too. You process it with your so called aura and your chakras (or own electro-magnetic field, if you like) just as you process air through your lungs. Naturally, you exhale it back into all, ‘out there’.
This plasma comes and goes through you (as it does with everything) and you charge it in a natural process. No matter what charge you give it, you charge it regardless, with a breath of ‘woosh’, with EVERY breath.

The way your omniverse is shaped is in relation with the way you breathe it. The way you breathe it, shapes the thoughts, feelings and actions you come to chose to experience at the moment you in which you are in. You come to understand the concept of time is only there to have space for the collective experience, but there truly is nothing else apart from the moment you are in.

Understanding this will certainly make you aware. And will also naturally lead you to a balance that expands your perception through your breathing.

When you awaken to the fact that you make a wish with every thought, feeling and sense of yours, purely determined by your perceptions, you will be lead to examine your beliefs and realize: anything comes and goes purely through your breathing. What you believe in will manifest since YOU are breathing it into ALL.

Learn to breathe into your inner balance, trust and allow yourself to align your thoughts, feelings and actions with what you wish to experience. Be aware in harmony. Feel it, think it, sense it IN LOVE. Be IN LOVE.

Be aligned with your core and shape it all to the cellular and particular levels, through your inner Breath of Life.


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