A Step Into Total Transformation

I would like to write about the underlying messages of the current pandemic situation.


The Changes have begun. Even the skeptical, sleeping ones can feel that this pandemic is not only about the disease. The sensitive ones may already perceive the intensive purifying pulsations and vibrations that are coming to our shores from the Stars. The entire financial system, belief systems, nationalities, food supply and society’s dynamics are at the dawn of a great transmutation.

On one hand chaos and panic seems to encircle the physical plane and humanity, while this is only the necessary result of the shattering of the mass illusion. The great illusion that was being constantly projected into human minds. This utter illusion that nothing is going to change, that this incredibly unjust money system can exist forever, that as long as you play by the rules everything is safe and still, that the tyrant crime lords, politicians or billionaire celebrities can get away with everything, that evolution will always be stuck at the current state. All the while ignoring the deep-lying sensations that indeed a big change and reset is on the way on a cosmic level.

The masses of humanity, finally having some time and quiet to consciously step out of the rush of Matrix into realizing what’s truly important, are going through a massive perspective shift and deep down everybody is feeling that things will never go back the way they were, a different way of living is coming.

One could say that this is still a huge global tragedy that is occurring, while not seeing that just during the last ten years in parts of the world there were much more cruel things happening with much higher numbers of human losses yet nobody cared about those. A huge imbalance is ruling this planet’s priority list. Now in this situation people can be grounded enough to assert what one has, what is the worth of what and how does on wants to go on living in general and after.

Also I believe staying in a stagnant slowly crumbling dull human society is not better in any way and no longer acceptable when certain things have to change. Concretely: hunger, abusing basic human rights, equality, huge imbalance between salaries and countries, sexual and energetic misuse and withholding information – all these need to change and for that, humanity must focus its attention at them.

A huge step and a turbulent period of uncertainty is ahead of us definitely as we all make the brave transformative decision of looking into the mirror with honesty and seeing who we are what we need to immediately change. But if we jump now, we can enter the water of transmutation sooner and swim to the shore faster, as something New.

And now as the Illusion has fallen away, we can finally see that this jump is not a choice, this total transformation is a necessity.

So let’s!

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