The Golden Ray

Connecting with the Golden light of support, protection and abundance fills you with overflowing confidence. It is the energy of trusting your own power, being aware of your worth and creating what you deserve. The Golden energy brings peace to the mind and to the soul. It connects us to our deep instinctual knowledge that we can actually manifest our will in this Universe with our decisions. Whenever you need to have confidence achieving a goal, breath in the Golden Light and feel as it changes your views, your feelings, your perspective and makes everything possible.

This is the archetype of the Sun where you stand in the center of your own life environment and decide that you will create a life that you deserve. When one is in such a state of consciousness, one does not impose his will over others or become a tyrant, one simply becomes a master of his own life and finds the way to make his needs and dreams met while respecting others. The Lion energy has these qualities because the Lion energy represents the ability to step up in a situation of need and show others the way ahead.

So I invite you to bask in the glow of the sun, bask in the golden Light of abundance, invite this energy into your life and most of all invoke and call upon the energy of Abundantia into your life so that your consciousness can flow and connect to the eternal possibilities of the Universe.

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