Awakening from a Dream of Duality

Awakening from a Dream of Duality
This is a channeled information from the Ashtar Command, a short extract from the book Aurora 2012

Dreams of duality are over. Eternal world of Oneness is beginning…

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters of Light. This is the
Ashtar Command, Krotron StarBase. We are with you to
represent to you possibilities and ways of preparation, which
you can use in your everyday life for your spiritual growth and
Ascension process. Because the Ascension is not an event, but a
process, which is already taking place. Its culmination are the
Ascension waves, lifting upon the ships of the Ashtar Command
and lifting of the consciousness in a total Oneness. On this path
many techniques and meditations can help you. We shall
represent some of them to you but you can decide on your own
which you will use. Actually your heart will decide. You will see
that meditations can really help you, because when you
meditate, we are with you.

You can connect with us anywhere and everywhere. When
you feel a need for connection, breath through your heart
center in the middle of your chest and clearly, firmly and
peacefully repeat : Ashtar Command. Many of you feel a great
connection with Jesus. You can call him. He is also one of us.
Your call means that you wish to connect with us and we will
send you energy through your heart center. If you feel that
there is no response, insist, because your heart center needs to
be open and ready. And when you call us we will prepare you for
this connection. You can breathe and call us while you are at
your jobs, doing your work, while walking, driving your car or
anything else. You do not need to sit down, close your eyes and
meditate to connect. Simply breathe through your heart and
think about us.


You can release your karma with a violet flame. When you
feel a blockade in yourself or unpleasant emotional state, you
can visualize a violet flame which is coming from the sky, flowing
through you and releasing the blockade right to the center of
the Earth, where this blockade is transformed into the Light,
into the fire of the Earth. This flame rotates into the anti
clockwise direction and is always with you. When you think of it
and call it, you increase its effect very much.
If there is a pattern in your life, which is repeating and
you can not get rid of it, use the violet flame to carry it away
into the fire of Earth. Along with that you can visualize that it
carries away from your body all cells which carry the energetic
record for this blockade pattern. So the cellular memory for
blockade will go away and will make room for Love. If you feel
that your heart was wounded in your life, you can visualize a
violet flame which carries away all wounds of your heart into the
fire of Earth. In order to open your heart you need to heal it
first from wounds of the past.

Merge with your inner being, with your Angelic presence.
In meditations you can visualize an Angelic being, in a human-like
body. Look into his eyes and feel Love which flows between you.
Let the Angel communicate you the Angelic name, this is also
your name, because you are one with this Angel. Lift with him
among the Stars, flow in the ocean of Cosmic Love and merge
into one being. Then you can visualize how you return to Earth,
merged with Angel in One.
In everyday life, remember of that as much as possible.
Become Angelic being. Feel the Angelic energy inside yourself
and spread it around into your neighborhood. Use your Starry
name, because this calls for the Angelic presence.

In your meditation you can visualize yourself, surrounded by
things, people and situations, towards which you are attached.
Then you can visualize a mighty Angelic being, which covers all
this with its presence. Ask him in your thoughts to set you free
of all dependence from the world of duality. Visualize how
everything which is not aligned with your highest truth, goes
away from your life. And what is aligned in your being stays with
you, but you are not attached to that any more. You can
visualize this mighty angelic being which ceases all cords of
attachment between you and the world of duality. You can
experience freedom and release. Thank the Angel for his help.
Any time you will feel a need to release from a certain problem
or situation, you can call him. He is your ally and friend. Also
when you will need protection from energies of the world of
duality you can ask him. He will protect you. Any time you call
him, he will be with you. We are always with you …

Victory of the Light!

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