Clouds of Starships

Yesterday I felt strongly the presence of the Goddess energies. Today’s phenomena might not be related to it at all, but I feel that this is not a coincidence. The Light is pouring in.

Today on the sky of one of the Canary Islands an amazing flying saucer looking cloud hovered for long hours. Everyone was very astonished. The people were looking up, thinking, pondering, questioning, hoping…

I took some photos of them:


As you can see this was the only cloud on the sky and it just would not go away or change shape.


After hours it slowly changed but before sunset it was interesting again: this particular cloud was illuminated only for a time, even though you can see there are other clouds now nearby.


Dear Lightforces, our Brothers and Sisters of Higher Cosmic civilizations, if you have visited us today: Thank you!

Victory of the Light!

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