Stand Up!

Hi everyone!

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I would like to share some realizations and changes that occurred in my life lately. As we evolve as human beings and try become more and more integrated and healthy and whole we are going through interesting processes. If you are really devoted and do regular inner work towards the Ascension you may probably encountered very profound changes, impulses or sensations in your life.

Your thinking processes might have radically altered, your diet and eating habits might have become completely different and your perception has probably changed into something new.

This is what happened to me in the last few years. And I am really happy that now I am able to create much more balance in my life and I am much much more conscious of a lot of things going on in my life, thus I can change them if they don’t serve me.

One of the latest I would say funny change that happened to me was half a year ago when I decided to watch a movie (for fun’s sake I tell that it was the Star Wars franchise) and an instinctive urge came over me that I should really watch it while standing.

Yes standing. 😀

This might seem really silly as everybody would think that standing for a 2-3h movie is torture but no, it isn’t. It was a much much more focused and conscious movie experience and since that moment I have never watched a movie in seated position.

I would like to mention here the obvious fact which we all know but we are so accustomed to this matrix, zombie, seated, unhappy, sort of lazy daily lifestyle that we think it’s normal. Sitting for extended periods of time, more than 30minutes/1hour is extremely unhealthy. It makes your mind foggy, your metabolism slows down greatly and !especially! your spine is not aligned which is always very unhealthy in the long term.

I remember that as a a very energetic person, my main problem with school was not that they flooded us with mindless, unimportant lies and blablabla, which they did… But that at that age of 14-18 when I knew and I felt that I have the most energy and the wakefulness (I woke up every morning really excited and eagerness to do, to create, to have fun, to live – although I know this is not true for everybody in the morning XD )  the school system forced me to sit down for 7hours a day and after that 7 hours boredom and numb passive activity we were all super tired and pessimistic and not desiring to do anything in the rest of the day, just maybe eat a lot to not feel the sadness or play some video games etc.

If you are not blind or naive you can clearly see and understand how much this (being seated during the most of the day) is part of the enslavement system of the Cabal, Archons, the Matrix. No being except for the human is spending so much time in one numb, static position because movement and standing up is the very essence and nature of our existence. In most of the workplaces people are forced to sit all day and this contributes to the slave system, it affects throughout years the psyche of people, they become weak minded and slow and submissive. Not to mention that as the body becomes flabby the effects are multiplied.

You know what I am talking about, you also had certainly days when you exercised a lot, went outside a lot, walked a lot and stood and were active most of the day and felt that you are truly alive and can do everything. And you also had days when you sat during the whole day and at 4-5-6 pm when you finished with whatever you were doing, you just felt completely powerless to do anything.

So making changes in our lives, as little as we can is essential in my opinion to become more empowered in this matrix. Try standing up while your are doing the things you did seated before. Decide that you will remain energetic and active throughout the whole day!

According to ancient Asian studies when you stand you should slightly bend your knees, instead of keeping it completely straight, drop your shoulders, don’t pull them up and don’t strain them and align your spine into a vertical line.

Here are some illustrations:


When I watch now a movie standing I am super focused, much more than before and really my awareness and perception is much much better. Earlier after approx. 30 minutes I could feel that I am numbing and loosing focus. I was also inspired to do this when I met an online freelance translator lady who always worked on her computer standing. She said that she got used to it really fast, in 3-4 days and she can work much faster like that.

(As a side-note I would like to mention that as movies today are mostly violent and too dark for my taste I rarely watch them anymore, but once in a while I find a gem, a movie or a series which conveys beauty and values…)

I also wrote my novel the “Ocean Of Love” entirely while being in a standing position. I can’t explain it but it was marvelous and I could not have done it any other way. I can assure you that once you feel the hang of it and experience the positive benefits, you won’t go back sitting for hours daily.

Please try it, have a good time and I wish you a good day!

Victory Of The Light!

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