Reading VS Screen Time VS Doing

This will be a short sort of philosophical post, a little food for thought…

Reading is definitely a very valuable and important activity and we all gain knowledge through it, have realizations, receive new information and have a lot of fun!




Also today we are programmed and accustomed to watching addictive screens for hours which definitely has its negative effects (after excessive usage this devices isolate you from real human connections) however smartphones, laptops etc. still provide a fast, proficient way of transmitting and receiving information that we all want and enjoy.




But recently I had a new conclusion: if we look really deep and ask ourselves “Would we be really reading this romantic story/ mind blowing article/ adventure novel/ interesting travel blog IF we truly, most passionately lived our days, our moment NOW???”  The answer is probably no XD.

In other words: As much as I adore reading or experiencing a wonderful series full of lovely characters, beautiful moments and good lessons, at the end of the day the most important thing is that we don’t feel alive anymore to create our own adventures and behave as wildly (in a positive sense), spontaneously and boldly as our heroes do in our novels and movies. So we read about them and watch them, because we want to be them.

Even though I love love and love reading and the whole experience it gives me, I would not spend or waste my time reading one second if I only had a week to live. I would not watch movies and observe the lives of others if I were for example on my dream trip to the Polynesian islands. If I found my true love today or made three super good friends whom I adored, I would be with them, with my whole being, fully in the Now.

This is my realization of the fact that in the past I read too much about Life instead of stepping into it, flowing with it and Living it…. 🙂

Have a bold day!

Adult Friends .jpg.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg



Victory of the Light!

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