Love will crack the Matrix

This is a beautiful post from the blog of Inana and Jacqueline who organize the Galactic Love Parties:

Love Will Crack The Matrix

Many enlightened communities around the world often speak about The Matrix. But what is The Matrix? Are they referring to the movie trilogy called The Matrix? Yes, in a way they are and we do not all call it by the same name.

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The Matrix

The Matrix is an invisible electromagnetic grid of earth lines detectable through dowsing. These lines make a grid all around the planet. The lines are about 2.5 meters apart, though this varies slightly from one place to another. The lines roughly make a square grid. They are not confined to the surface of the planet and are heavily noxious sometimes.


This grid holds us captive. It is the prison we live in as it regulates and controls us. Most people on the planet are unaware of this but we have been held captive and enslaved by it for many millennia.


The Matrix needs a certain low vibration to keep it steady. By being more loving and forgiving and raising our vibration we would put serious stress on the grid. So on the up side, when we love ourselves more, love each other more and love our planet more, The Matrix will CRACK. We get out of jail and the long expected Event will be on. Wouldn’t you like that?

‘If You Want to Know the Secrets of the Universe, Think in Terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration – Nikola Tesla’


Midsummer or the Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year for the Sun. It is a day celebrated by many cultures. This is the day when the vibrant and vital Sun energy reaches its peak and that provides tremendous energy for humanity as well.

Be happy

On this powerful day we invite you to come together and create the highest possible vibration not seen on this planet for a very long time. How? This is not complicated. Just spend time, as much time as you can, with people you love. Do fun and loving things together that make you happy. And meditate, raise your vibration and keep it going.


Love will create a crack

In case you want to go all in, you might want to find a romantic hideaway and make love to your sweetheart dedicating your sexual energy to break the walls of this prison. Sexual energy shared between two loving partners is a very potent force of magical co-creation. Working consciously to bring together the orgasmic energy of each person can create a great wave of light. This energy can be harnessed and focused which can seriously increase your manifesting potential.

Let’s crack this Matrix for once and for all. Be love and make love for the planet. Are you with us?

Much Love,

Inana & Jacqueline

Victory of the Light!

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