Glimpses of Remembrances

We live in amnesia…

We think we remember… and yet we don’t.

We think we are simply us… what if we are much more than the everyday us.

We get glimpses of something more expanded in dreams…

We receive sensations of the beyond in spontaneous unexpected moments… or in ecstacy…

We get yearnings and remembrances of a distant memory… we hear voices… familiar ones from a forgotten time and space… whispering potentialities of ourselves and our past that we are almost afraid to delve deeper into.

Then we sometimes have flashes… fleeting visions that take away our breaths… into timelessness.

And all these lead inevitably to a truer self… a different embodiment… a more embodied embodiment… a more profoundly resonating aspect of us.

” Don’t you remember? ” A kindred soul friend is addressing me suddenly and I am among my three starry crew members on our star ship home, them looking at me with a warm and funny smile as if I had forgotten for a moment who I am and what I am doing at the moment with them. We are close to each other, I can sense that immediately and they are humanoids but their bodies and skins glow with a different hue, one of purple and blue. All this is presented only before my inner sight like a movie scene and yet I felt directly “contacted” when the voice called out.

My breath returns and I am wondering about what I have just glimpsed. I am trying to grab hold of a momentary remembrance of a potential time and place. Looking at somebody I maybe once was and someone I might return to. Someone I might still be.

I take one step and something else wants to be shown, I close my eyes in a soft surrender: supernatural views with marvelous foliage. Colors that do not exist in our world and fragrances that make my head dizzy but also invoke a state of inherent welcome. The main feeling here is a golden presence… a presence and energy of reassurance… of protection and this golden frequency is like a blanket… I feel that it holds me. I also feel it as a companion that I can always rely and count on. Something that is or was once eternally part of my life. The main presence of it is residing with me as a guardian aura but some part of it is also fluctuating freely in lines of translucent sacred geometry shapes… all around the landscape. I let this golden remembrance simply hold me… and everything feels in place.

After the connection dissipates… I know there is no sense trying again immediately… I have to rest and integrate… and understand. And still sometimes I do try because in these moments these visions seem more real than what’s right in front of me at the moment. Or maybe just as real. Could it be as real? I think it could.

In these instances maybe the only difference in my perception is that I am beyond of my beliefs and belief systems of what is possible… I am beyond myself.

Afterwards, in the end I remain with the feeling of the visions only… I return to it and recall it once in a while when I feel I need empowerment. I return to it for inner reassurance. And it delivers.

I deepen into these remembrances, lovingly looking forward to the moment when the interior shall become the exterior. When this shall once again be my life. When the golden frequency will once again pervade us and the wondrous new world will be beaming with an aura of protection, love and care.

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