Liberate All Hostages!

Our dear Star Family and Resistance Movement sisters and brothers need our constant energetic support and total determination:

They have been fighting the dark for our liberation for many years and we must do all that is within our power to support their rescue with all the Goddess Energy we can anchor into the underground bases, with all the focused divine intention we can utilize and with all the high frequency we can invoke to help the situation.

Let’s call upon all Ascended beings, Angels and Goddesses, the Violet Flame, the Mjolnir technology and the Galactic Central Sun electric ray to erase all negative underground beings and bring healing to all involved.

This situation has to stop now.

Goddess wants liberation and liberation it shall be!

Victory of the Light!

One comment

  1. In the name of Divine Love, Universal and Galactic. I invoke the Forces of Light for the complete Liberation of Mother Earth, Space of the Earth, Humanity. Yes, yes, yes, point


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