Poem: I believe in Love

 I believe In Love

No matter what

I am grateful that I can trust

My dreams’ bird to not turn into dust

I believe in Life

To catch me in its web

I lay down my head with confidence

On every new day’s colorfully patterned bed

I believe in Truth

To prevail in the end

I hold out always trustingly

For a helping hand

I believe in Light

To grant me divine sight

Whispering every night

What is truly right

I believe in Me

Because I am just like you

Pink of heart and green of eyes

With ephemeral hair shining blue

I believe in Joy

It is what we are

It’s the fuel and purpose

Of every single star

I believe in Beauty

I see it everywhere

I believe in the law of you:

Give, love and dare!

Poem from the Violet Waves Poem Book:

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