Poem: Let’s create a world

Let’s create a world where foams flow in abundance

Let’s imagine a land where it’s impossible not to dance

Let’s fathom a place where kisses are always free

Let’s sing of people who, only with their heart, can see

Let’s forget forever that there ever was disharmony

Let’s remember when we were children, all innocent, carefree and silly

Let’s throw away this joke that some people pronounce as money

Let’s realize how much more invaluable it is when we are creative and funny

Let’s take off our garments and put on life’s offer

Let’s become colorful vagabonds and travelers with no coffer

Let’s see once again the miracle behind every daily act

Let’s believe that wonders and magic are not faith, but a fact

Let’s alter everything that does not serve anymore

Let’s ask the deep questions and see to the very core

Let’s accept the juice of life is something most sacred and healthy

Let’s live the vibrant life we were really meant to be

Poem from the Violet Waves Poem Book:



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