Poem: Liberation

Flying through blue-white stars

I sense your glowing azure presence

Distanced by space, time and the Universe

Doesn’t change, only delays our meeting’s chance

Energy fences will not hinder my voice

Illusions and separation shall not alter my choice

I am to be free, I am to fly along the stars’ line

With every inch I have I will resist all that is not mine

I grasp the fragments of my soul, of you

I allow close to my heart only what’s true

Systems and beliefs will not even near

A being devoted to what’s beautiful and clear

Once awakened the spark can never go out

It first whispers, then sings, then shout

This is the voice, that’s worth it all

This is the guide to our cosmic hall

Because memories of the stars cannot be wiped totally

Free consciousness changes evolution radically

The hearts will heal from relieved cries

And the shores of stars will glint in our eyes

Love is a cosmic pulling, it’s magnetic electricity

Everyone who countered it will experience now its capacity

It will strike all those standing in cosmic reunion’s way

And together we shall begin a new age, a new day

Poem from the Violet Waves Poem Book:


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