Liberation of the Planet Dream

Last night I used the “Command 12 21” protocol to receive higher guidance from my Galactic team. I asked them to help me have a clearer vision about my direction in life as I need to make some decisions about my future soon and lately with all these crazy events around the world it’s not the easiest to have a clear picture that aligns with your purpose, your dreams, your highest good and the current reality regarding the planetary liberation.

As a wonderful turn of event I did receive immediately a vision last night in the form of an amazing dream, possibly showing some details and/or encouragement about the liberation. (I will use images to help the visualization of the dream)

The energetic quality of this dream was the same as two of my former dreams that depicted Galactic Confederation ships becoming visible in our skies and initiating the Event or engaging in our active liberation. All of these dreams have a very easily recognizable high energetic quality, a sense of importance and all of them brings such motivation and cosmic reassurance. When I enter such a dream, I know immediately that this is one of “those” prophetic dreams with a true message and true significance. And I sense that all these dreams are connected in some way and they are almost the continuation of one another, each one describing a different aspect. You can read my former dream experiences here:

And now onto last night’s dream:

“I woke up in a bed, in my childhood room and immediately I heard this unique rumbling/roaring sound from the sky that I had heard many times before in my other dreams. This specific noise coming from the sky is always the sign that the liberation has begun in my dreams so I ran to the window and I saw the other sign which is an incredibly beautiful misty violet-purple-pink celestial phenomena on the sky taking my breath away. It was like a swirling, moving magic cloud filled with sparkling stars.

I went outside to see better, already getting really excited and then I saw this huge neon blue energetic space ship suddenly appearing and bursting/crashing into our reality. I am going to explain this part a bit. This gigantic neon blue space ship looked like those huge triangular space ships in Stars Wars except for you could see and feel that it was not a physical ship, it was an energetic one and it burst into our reality from another place (possibly Quantum Superposition – Ships emerging from Quantum Superposition state as Cobra explained here :

If we think that this ship was a negative one and tried to attack the surface emerging from the Quantum Superposition, that means that the Galactic Confederation immediately intervened because of that. It makes sense.

So this ship appearing and bursting into our reality actually initiated everything (even though I am not 100% sure whether this one was a positive or a negative one). As soon as the energetic ship came into our reality a very strong energy force breakthrough happened and suddenly many thousands ships appeared flying in group formations. The positive ships of the Galactic Confederation had usually more of a circular shape than the negative ones that were more rectangular and appeared a bit later. Both the positive and negative ships flew in groups of 3, 5 or 7 and they began chasing each other creating an unbelievably epic sight for the humans who all came out to watch what’s going on. The negative ships did not much interact with the human population, us being not much of a threat for them and they were focusing more on chasing each other, trying to contain each other instead of shooting at each other.

Then I ran up to another room that is much higher in our house and has a terrace to have a better view and then something interesting happened. The Galactic Confederation ships were throwing levitating, rotating electronic orbs into every building. These orbs just hovered in one place, rotating and buzzing with an electronic pulse and I got the telepathic message that these are safety devices of the Light Forces: if a building received damage or collapsed from a misguided laser blast of a ship, this orb would immediately create a strong physical energy force inside the room, thus protecting the humans inside from the debris falling on them. (Seems like a very smart technology)

In the end I reached the terrace and a ship hovered closed to me and the commander inside winked at me as a sign of support and trust. And that was it.

One of the best sensations during this whole dream was the irrelevancy of all the normal 3D human things and the emergence of a more important Higher reality and perspective.

These kind of dreams always invoke very specific Inspirations coupled with fascinating feelings and remembrances in me, so I trust them to be genuine and true.


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