The Best Is Yet To Come

Today I have received a very inspirational Higher vision:

The Best Is Yet To Come!

I wish I could tell you that the best comes only now. No matter what you, no matter what I, no matter what we have experienced so far in this or many other lifetimes, the best comes only now!

I wish I could explain to you that no matter what you’ve been through throughout your life, the best things are yet to come for you! No matter what hardships you witnessed, what difficulties you’ve struggled with, all of these will just fall away. Even the memories of it will cease to exist. No matter what pain you have experienced, it shall be healed and forgotten and you shall exist without a simple care or thought of your past problems.

I wish I could convince you, others and everyone who think that your lives are over, your best years are gone and you are already too old, too poor or too tired to fulfill your dreams… because you have already given up on them… I wish I could convince you that all your yearnings and desires will actually be satisfied soon and all your dreams will actually be realized.

I wish I could reach out to all those who suffered sexual assaults and have been trying to put themselves back together for years, I wish I could inform them that the Galactic Wave of Love that is about to overflow all of us will heal those splits and wounds inside you within minutes like you have never experienced any healing before.

I wish I could share with you what I feel in this moment, this certainty, this clear message, this hope that undulates inside me, convincing me without a single doubt that the best is yet to come!

I wish I could give this sensation to those who have been living in scarcity and lack, who did not possess almost anything on this strange planet, giving them reassurance that their abundance is yet to come, true equal prosperity and infinite support from the Universe shall come to them soon and shall embrace them so hard and tight that they will forget any thought or feeling of missing something or lacking something in life.

I wish I could inform everybody that true freedom and true liberty is arriving only now to Earth. The possibility of living exactly the life you want to live is coming and this will be possible for every single human being.

I wish I could make you understand the state of utter bliss and joy that I taste now and I am aware that this is coming from a higher source because it is just so empowering, so supporting and so completely energizing that there is no chance in this Universe that it is not so.

I wish every single being could experience this same sensation forever and I wish I could just convince you that yes, this is how we will live constantly after the liberation of our planet.

I wish I could touch deeply those who have been oppressed, used and abused, who felt having been incarnated in the worst possible family situation, in the worst possible country or in the wrong gender… who feel deep inside that they are simply not who they are in this physical form and nobody seems to understand them… I wish I could just assure you that true liberation, true acceptance and freedom of choice about your incarnation is coming at the speed of light.

I wish you believed me that in a few years everything that you ever thought to define you will be completely erased from existence and just pure energies, pure experiences and pure connectedness will remain together with peace and cosmic love.

I wish I could reveal it to you in a way so that you trust me that what you experience in your daily life as feelings and emotions are nothing, just simply nothing compared to the love and the intense ecstatic state of being that is about to become your everyday life experience in the future. That is your birthright and that is your true essence.

I wish I could show you the utter magic that is possible with the advanced positive technologies of the Universe: complete healing of any physical problem, healing of your emotional discords, removing all past patterns, grudges and mental fixations of years, rejuvenating your body, reversing your age and making you young, energized and fresh again at the heart and body as well.

I wish I could sing it to you in person that I have absolute conviction of all these coming to pass, because right now in this moment as I say and write this I am having a vision, I am seeing all this occuring.

I wish I could tell you the bliss that is about to reach every single beings’ heart, be it mineral, animal, plant or human when the Goddess comes back, when the balance comes back, when the Era of feeling, nurturing and caring comes back.

I wish you could feel, see and understand what I feel, see and understand now because this is the future… and it is magnificent.

So be it.

And so it is.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Oh you. I feel it too. I know it from the bottom of my heart to the tippy top of my soul (so in other words, I know it to be infinately true). Even on the down days, of which there are few for me now, I know it with such conviction that there is not an event or piece of propaganda that can make me doubt it. Sending you and all so much love, trust and gratitude. Cate 💖🙏😌


    • Amazing, we all experience the same sensations and visions all over the world. I am very happy you feel the inevitable cosmic change at our doorstep as well. The veil of illusions are falling away and we are seeing what we have always known inside reveal itself as the true Higher Reality. Much love, Cate!


  2. Excelente el gozo que siento dentro de mi, solo ver todo lo q hace Sain Germaint con todo lo q nos envia energeticamente y asi ayudarnos a despertar para la ascencion…Gracias Gracias Gracias..
    Por estar con estos temas me van a sacar de laborar…pero no me interesa por q ahora con todo esto tendremos una practica de salud mas justa y asi nos sentiremos mejor ..tengo tanto deseo de conocer y aprender el manejo de una maquina cuantica de sanacion …una cama holografica ..y seguir haciendo el bien a la humanidad…si me pudieran ayudar en esa parte les agradeceria en el alma


  3. Tears of joy fill me now that I accept Your message as a Divine Gift and I believe that it will be so. With pure Love and Gratitude to You.💕


  4. This is a miraculous website I absolutely adore it . I’ve given up on love so many times in my life . I tried to commit suicide at 18 because I had no experience of having what I felt was real love from the age of six . I’ve now been married 3 times and I am 64 years old . I’m tired of having a 💔. This site gives me hope to carry on to think maybe there is someone out there somewhere for me and I thank God for this website and whatever instinct or celestial urging prompted me to visit . God Bless your mission . Thank you 😊 💓


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