Being Natural is the Key

Being our natural spontaneous self, even if it feels childish or not proper according to society’s rules is the true key of our spiritual evolution. It means returning to our innocence.

Most Lightworkers always seek new techniques, meditations or initiations for better results in their lives but if we went back to our most natural self, there would be much less need for all the former. Things would simply unfold by themselves.

For example just recently I have recognized how I press instinctively my tongue to the roof of my mouth when I am in the deepest states of meditation. I never heard about this before, I just did it as something normal and after noticing it I looked it up and in Tibet this is actually advised to do this consciously to help eliminate the objects of discursive (speech-type) thought and also just in general this helps in better energetic alignment.

But here’s the thing, I believe you should not force such things, instead just tap into the meditation and do what comes naturally. If it comes naturally, it will definitely have bigger results than doing something artificially.

Another thing was when one day I sensed some kind of a burden energy stuck around my heart center. So I went for a walk and without even noticing I just intuitively started massaging my heart area while pondering and then I switched this into drawing imaginary circles and spirals in front of my chest (about 10 centimeters from my body). I have never done such techniques before and something just made me do it. It was actually my intuitive healing potential.

My emotional burden lifted and I felt much better. Once again after some research I found that these circles in the air are a basis for many healing techniques. So basically my main message with this whole post is that HEALING comes from you. It does not come from doing rigorous work on your body and concentration that you force on yourself to convince yourself that your are doing so so much; or from the latest bestseller on amazon. It comes from remembering what you need to be in balance, joy and harmony and then building a lifestyle around it. Remembering and re-attuning to what made you the happiest in your childhood.

Your body is your sacred temple and it knows intuitively perfectly well what you need in your current stage of evolution. I could not sleep normally for 20+ years and actually felt very guilty when sleeping more than 6+ hours at night. Needless to say that this was a very negative psychic mind fixation in my being where I did not allow myself rest and comfort and it naturally came with various problems in my nervous system.

The period of the last 5 months was the first time when I finally gave in to my needs and slept 12-13 hours. The results of this in my state of being are tremendous and I went through a deep healing just because of this.

Actually once we step on this step of trusting, allowing and surrendering, our spiritual path becomes easier and easier. You just listen closely and give in to what you really desire in the moment like a child. Even if it’s a hug, even if it’s singing aloud, even if it’s crying.

Instead of making up rules and systems with your mind around your personality (what you should and should not do), your body can tell you what it wants and when does it want it. This is especially true when it comes to eating. The body needs specific food in specific states and once you align with it, you will be a million times healthier than following strict diets.

This is the path of the future: action of intuition in every moment of the day.

Old patterns or things that do not work or serve you anymore will simply fall away.

Everything has its natural timing and you cannot set out the timing of when you want to cry, laugh out loud for 3 minutes straight or burst into dance. The natural sensation will come and if you delay it, you will miss a wonderful chance. But if you take it and live it naturally as a gift of the now, you will flourish with fresh ecstasy and be more alive than ever before.

Being natural means being authentic to your desires, feelings and sensations in the now. And once you let naturalness enter you, you will never want to it to leave again. You will become spontaneous itself and every moment will bring a new reason to be alive.


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